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Seagate مقایسه این کالا Seagate Surveillance HDD 2TB 64MB Cache
Seagate Surveillance HDD 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s
Seagate Surveillance HDD 2TB 64MB Cache
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وضعیت : موجود
سازنده : Seagate      گارانتی : اصلی (سازگار - ویستا - آواژنگ - لایفبرد )
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به اشتراک گذاری در فیس فوک به اشتراک گذاری در توییتر به اشتراک گذاری در استامبل‌آپون به اشتراک گذاری در دلیشز به اشتراک گذاری در گوگل پلاس
Robust Surveillance Storage

The seventh-generation 6TB Seagate® Surveillance HDD addresses the increasing need for high-resolution cameras and camera counts, and ensures cost-effective performance and durability in always-on surveillance systems.

  • 6TB capacities support up to 16 drives and 32 cameras per system
  • Precision-tuned for high write surveillance workloads
  • Reliably performs in multi-drive systems with RAID support
  • Rotational vibration sensors for reliable performance
  • Customize power settings to best support motion-activated cameras with Idle 3 support
  • Supplement backups with the Seagate Data Rescue Plan in the event of data loss or accident
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مشخصات فنی کالا
برند : Seagate
شماره مدل : ST2000VX003
حجم : 2TB
کش : 64MB
درگاه اتصال : SATA3
سرعت چرخش : 5900
فرم شکلی : 3.5
توضیحات تکمیلی


Surveillance HDD


SATA 6.0Gb/s


The industry's first surveillance-optimized hard drive platform with capacities up to 6TB improves video streaming, drive performance and data integrity in surveillance applications.

Seventh-generation Seagate? surveillance drive is tuned for high write-cycle workloads typical in video surveillance storage systems.

The Surveillance HDD supports higher-resolution cameras and up to 16 drives per system, with up to 32 cameras per drive.

Reliably performs in multi-drive systems with RAID support from RV sensors

24x7 operational capabilities while maintaining high MTBF of 1M hours

Options for a current-limited startup of less than 2A supports the use of embedded system power supplies.

Low power consumption options support always-on surveillance systems.

Never miss a frame with quick time-to-ready.

Idle3 spin control features enable power-on in standby mode or drive spin-down to conserve power and improve reliability during archival periods.

Best-Fit Applications: NVR, Embedded SDVR, Hybrid SDVR, Surveillance DVR.
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Seagate Surveillance HDD 2TB 64MB Cache Seagate Surveillance HDD 2TB 64MB Cache
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