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ASUS مقایسه این کالا ASUS Zenbook UX32LN i7/8GB/1TB/2G Ultrabook
لپ تاپ ایسوس زن بوک UX32LN
ASUS Zenbook UX32LN i7/8GB/1TB/2G Ultrabook
این کالا 6861 بار دیده شده است
وضعیت : ناموجود
سازنده : ASUS      گارانتی : یکپارچه ایسوس
رنگ :
به اشتراک گذاری در فیس فوک به اشتراک گذاری در توییتر به اشتراک گذاری در استامبل‌آپون به اشتراک گذاری در دلیشز به اشتراک گذاری در گوگل پلاس

Ultrabook™ with discrete graphics and premium design

  • Windows 8.1 Pro or other editions available
  • 13.3” ultrabook powered with Intel 4th generation Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics
  • Full HD wide-view anti-glare panel
  • Stylish backlit keyboard
  • Up to 1TB hard drive or 128GB SSD to accelerate performance
  • SonicMaster technology co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® increases audio performance with lifelike surround impact
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مشخصات فنی کالا
برند : Asus
پردازنده : Intel Core i7 4510U
رم : 8GB DDR3
حافظه داخلی : 1TB
پردازنده گرافیکی : Geforce GT 840M
حافظه گرافیکی : 2GB DDR3
درایو نوری : N/A
سایز صفحه : 13inch
صحفه لمسی : خیر
رزولوشن : 1920x1080
شیار حافظه : بله
سیستم عامل : Windows 8
باطری : 3Cell
وزن : 1.45kg
توضیحات تکمیلی


  • Incredible


    Meet Zenbook — the perfectly balanced Ultrabook™

    Creating the perfect Ultrabook™ means striking a perfect balance between form and function. Zenbook is carved from a single block of aluminum for a seamless design that's not only beautiful, but durable, too. It's also impossibly thin and extremely light for maximum portability. Lift the lid and inside is a vibrant 13.3-inch Full HD display that brings images to life and makes everything from browsing the web to working with documents an absolute pleasure. Zenbook is the Ultrabook™ you'll want with you, wherever you go.

  • Incredible


    Tough and Touchable Aluminum 
    Light yet at the heart of great looks and reinforced product strength

    There are several advantages to the finely crafted aluminum used in ASUS ZENBOOK™ construction. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, aluminum offers a lighter Ultrabook™ that's easier to carry, while retaining strength and durability. To accomplish a sleek and smooth metallic look, ASUS developed new mounting methods that reduce screw usage by 12%, taking inspiration from hand-crafted luxury wrist watches.

  • Incredible


    All the power you need, and then some

    Zenbook UX32LN is a high-performance Ultrabook™ in every sense. Its 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor makes light work of the most demanding tasks , and keeps you entertained with your favorite games and HD video, even when you're on the move. Solid-state storage means applications launch in double-quick time and, together with Super Hybrid Engine II technology, boosts battery life and standby time to stretch out the time between recharges. Three USB 3.0 ports support the latest high-speed storage and can recharge mobile devices in double-quick time, while sophisticated thermal management means Zenbook never loses its cool.

  • Incredible


    SonicMaster, because we're serious about sound

    Creating an Ultrabook™ that looks as incredible as Zenbook UX32LN is one thing, but making one that sounds as incredible is something else. The key to our success is our unique SonicMaster technology and a team of audio engineers who expertly balance high-quality audio hardware and professional-grade audio software to ensure the best possible sound quality. We think all the hard work is worth it, and when you hear the wide dynamic range with rich bass and sharp treble that Zenbook UX32LN delivers, we know you will, too.

  • Incredible


    Store, share, and sync

    ASUS cloud services provide the most complete platform for online living that's accessible anywhere from a host of devices. With ASUS WebStorage, convenience is the main priority, offering you easy storage, sharing, and syncing of everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content. Each ASUS Zenbook comes with 32GB of WebStorage space free for the three years, and offers you the MyBitCast app so you can easily sync your content to multiple devices and accounts simultaneously


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