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Gigabyte مقایسه این کالا GIGABYTE Superb 550P PSU
پاور گیگابایت 550 وات Superb 550P
این کالا 3535 بار دیده شده است
وضعیت : ناموجود
سازنده : Gigabyte      گارانتی : آواژنگ
به اشتراک گذاری در فیس فوک به اشتراک گذاری در توییتر به اشتراک گذاری در استامبل‌آپون به اشتراک گذاری در دلیشز به اشتراک گذاری در گوگل پلاس

With a mission to cater for all users in the entry to mainstream segments, the superb series offers specifications to match budgets, and upsized to cater needs. Rounding up the cards, the seemingly modest appearance of the Superb power supply can horn out: multiple rails, multi-core addresses, safeguards for over power, voltage, current, heat or even the likes of short circuiting, silent thermals, sleeved cabling for the absence, but want of tidiness, PCI-express primed in active to passive PFC to blend into the world and its environment, with conformity badges for ROHS and WEEE


Japan Made Main Capacitor
Best reliability Japan made main capacitor, prolonging the life cycle of each power supply unit and provide a more steady output.
Dual +12V Rails
2-rail, +12V design, capable of supplying higher power output.
PCI-E 2.0 Ready
Support the latest specification (6+2)-Pin.


Sleeve Cable
Sleeve cable for good air convection and tidiness.
RoHS Certified
Environment friendly, complying with RoHS & WEEE regulations.


رنک این محصول :
مشخصات فنی کالا
نسخه استاندارد : GE-P450P-C2
فاکتور قدرت : 450W
طراحی خنک کننده : Fan
Weight : 1.5 kg
اتصال ATX : 1
اتصال E-ATX : 1
اتصال FDD : 1
اتصال Molex : 4
اتصال SATA : 4
توضیحات تکمیلی
Model no. GE-P450P-C2
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 150 x 140 x 86 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
24-pin Motherboard Connector 1
4+4-pin +12V CPU Connector 1
(6+2)-pin PCI-E 2.0 Connector 1
SATA Connectors 4
4-pin Peripheral Connectors 4
4-pin Floppy Connector 1
AC INPUT 115Vac 10A 60Hz,230Vac 6A 50Hz
PFC Passive PFC
DC OUTPUT +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V +5Vsb
22A 25A 18A 18A 0.5A 2.5A
Max Combined Wattage 165W 360W 6W 12.5W
431.5W 18.5W
Peak wattage 550W
Safety Approval cUL, TUV, CB, CE, FCC, BSMI, C-Tick
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