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Thermaltake مقایسه این کالا ThermalTake Toughpower 1500W PSU
پاور ترمال تیک 1500 وات Toughpower 1500W
ThermalTake Toughpower 1500W PSU
این کالا 2310 بار دیده شده است
وضعیت : ناموجود
سازنده : Thermaltake
به اشتراک گذاری در فیس فوک به اشتراک گذاری در توییتر به اشتراک گذاری در استامبل‌آپون به اشتراک گذاری در دلیشز به اشتراک گذاری در گوگل پلاس


- Compliance with Intel ATX 12V 2.3 & SSI EPS 12V 2.92 standards.
- 24 / 7 @ 40℃: Guaranteed to deliver 1500W continuous power.
- 80 PLUS Silver certified – with 87-91% efficiency @ 20-100% load under real world load conditions.
- Double-forward switching circuitry offers low power loss and high reliability.
- Robust and dedicated quad +12V rails(30A for 12V1 & 12V2, 50A for 12V3 & 12V4) design provides superior performance under all types of system loading.
- High quality Japanese capacitors: ensure superb performance and reliability.
- Solid state capacitors: great stability at higher operating temperatures, frequencies and currents.
- Universal AC input 100V~240V automatically scans and detects the correct voltage.
- Multi-GPU ready: 8 x PCI-E connectors support up to 4-way ATI CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI.
- Designed to support latest Intel/AMD multi -core CPUs.
- Active PFC with PF value 0.99 - less harmonic pollution, greater efficiency.
- Ultra-silent operation with intelligent 13.5cm cooling fan speed control.
- Dimension: 150mm(W)x86mm(H)x220mm(L).
- High reliability: MTBF>120,000 hours.
- Built in industrial-grade protections: over current, over voltage, under voltage, over power, over temperature and Short-Circuit protections.
- Safety / EMI : UL/CUL, CE, FCC, CB+Baurt mark, GOST and BSMI certified.

Technology Features

High Quality Japanese Capacitor

Japanese capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability.

High Efficiency Circuit Design
Maximum efficiency up to 91% under wide load range.

Industrial Grade Protection
Built in industrial-grade protections: Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Power, Over Temperature and Short-Circuit Protections.
Ultra Quiet 13.5cm Fan
Toughpower 1500W adopt 13.5cm cooling fan with intelligent RPM control guarantees cool performance and silent operation.
Modular Cable Management
Cable management design improves internal airflow and reduce clutter.

12V Rails Distribution

24 PIN Main Connector 12V1

Peripheral & Floppy Connector


S-ATA  Connector


4+4PIN +12V  CPU Connector


8 PIN +12V  CPU Connector


Two 6+2pin Straight PCI-E  Connectors


Two 6+2pin Straight PCI-E  Connectors


6+2pin Modular PCI-E Connector


6+2pin Modular PCI-E Connector

6+2pin Modular PCI-E Connector 12V4
6+2pin Modular PCI-E Connector 12V4
Hybrid SLI / CrossFire X & Intel C6 State mode support :
  For best compatibility For C6 state CPU & Hybrid GPU mode  

C6 State CPU Mode

CPU load range from Max. to only 1W.

Nvidia & ATI/AMD multi graphic cards configuration

Hybrid mode  will cause graphic cards load range from Max. to only 1W.

Toughpower 1500W series are able to maintain an ultra tight DC regulation to support the C6 state CPU mode and the hybrid graphic card power saving mode by its ZERO LOAD (0W) Design.


Fan Speed & Noise Level

ECO Design

80 Plus Silver Certified

New Toughpower Series saves energy through its high energy efficiency of up to 91% and is 80 PLUSR Silver certified.

ErP Ready
Toughpower Series fulfils the EU guideline for ErP (Energy-related Products) that are scheduled to apply starting in 2010.

Supports Energy Star 5.0* energy standard:
New Toughpower Series is suitable for use in Energy Star-compatible computers.

Supports Intel Deep Power Down C6 Status:
New Toughpower Series helps your PC system operate more power efficiently.

Corresponds to the EU directives on WEEE and RoHS:
Thermaltake considers its full impact on the environment during manufacturing and maintains green facilities to ensure Toughpower meets WEEE & RoHS requirements.

Output Specification


Input Voltage: 100V-240V
Input Current: 18A - 9A
Frequency: 60Hz - 50Hz

DC OUTPUT +3.3V +5V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 +12V4 -12V +5VSB
Max Output Current 40A 40A 30A 30A 50A 50A 0.5A 6.0A
Max Output Power 280W 1320W 6.0W 30W

Continuous Power



Connectors Specification

Main Power
(24 PIN)
Peripheral (4Pin)
Model Connector Type Connectors & Cable length
1500W 24pin 1 x 24pin Main connector(600mm)   
EPS 12V 8pin 1 x EPS 12V 8pin connector(600mm)
ATX 12V 4+4pin 1 x ATX 12V 4+4pin connector(600mm)
PCI-E 6+2pin & PCI-E 6+2pin 2 x PCI-E 6+2pin & PCI-E 6+2pin connectors (550mm + 150mm)
2 x PCI-E 6+2pin & PCI-E 6+2pin connectors (550mm + 150mm)
PCI-E 6+2pin 1 x PCI-E 6+2pin connector (550mm)
1 x PCI-E 6+2pin connector (550mm)
1 x PCI-E 6+2pin connector (550mm)
1 x PCI-E 6+2pin connector (550mm)
Molex 4 x Peripheral connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm +150mm)
4 x Peripheral connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm +150mm)
SATA 4 x S-ATA connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
4 x S-ATA connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
4 x S-ATA connectors (550mm + 150mm + 150mm + 150mm)
PATA to FDD adapter 1 x PATA to FDD adapter (100mm)

Total Protection

Voltage Source Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection
Protection Point Protection Point
+3.3V 1000W/ 1200W: 30A~50A
1500W: 45A~65A;
+5V 1000W/ 1200W: 30A~50A
1500W: 45A~65A;
+12V + 1000W: +12V1: 60A~90A
1200W: +12V1: 70A~100A
1500W: +12V1, +12V2: 35A~55A
+ 1000W: +12V2: 80A~110A
1200W: +12V2: 80A~120A
1500W: +12V3, +12V4: 56A~80A
Short Circuit Protection:  Activated when any DC rails short circuited.
Under Voltage Protection:  when +12V,+5V & +3.3V outputs under 85% of it's maximum value.
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مشخصات فنی کالا
برند : Thermaltake
تغذیه پیوسته : 1500W
اصلاح ضریب قدرت : بله
گواهی 80Plus : Silver
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