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Plextor مقایسه این کالا Plextor 8X Extrnal DVD-RW PX-L611U
دی وی دی رایتر اکسترنال پلکستور PX-L611U
Plextor 8X Extrnal DVD-RW PX-L611U
این کالا 2774 بار دیده شده است
وضعیت : ناموجود
سازنده : Plextor
رنگ :
به اشتراک گذاری در فیس فوک به اشتراک گذاری در توییتر به اشتراک گذاری در استامبل‌آپون به اشتراک گذاری در دلیشز به اشتراک گذاری در گوگل پلاس



Compact Transportable Design
Lightweight highly portable design, weighs a mere 330 grams (0.73 pounds). Ideal for business travel, vacations or school use Small, slim size for easy transportation. Drive dimensions are only 137mm long by 137mm wide, and a slender 22mm thick
Convenient Single USB Power Source
Powered by single USB port connection and unique built-in battery eliminating the need to carry an additional external AC adapter or further additional cables
Full DVD Burning and Utility Software
PlexUtilities- an advanced utility which offers: testing and quality measurement of user written or pressed media, advanced drive and disc information, control and fine-tuning of the drive 
Full software bundle includes high-quality applications for DVD burning, CD burning, and media playback



Design Your Own Disc with LightScribe
LightScribe direct disc labeling uses the drives laser to make customized labels on any LightScribe compatible blank disc. Use the included software to add black-and-white images and text to create professional looking labels for projects
رنک این محصول :
مشخصات فنی کالا
درگاه اتصال : USB
حداکثر سرعت نوشتن : 8
رنگ : Black
توضیحات تکمیلی


Transfer Rate
DVD Media (Read/Write)
8X Maximum
6X Maximum
8X Maximum
6X Maximum
5X Maximum
8X Maximum
CD Media (Read/Write)
24X Maximum
24X Maximum
24X Maximum
Access Time (Typical)
DVD Media
130 ms
CD Media
160 ms
Buffer Size




Media Information
Supported DVD Format
DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, Multi-border, Multi-session
Supported DVD Writing Method
Disc-at-Once, Incremental Recording, 
(DVD-RW)Restricted Overwrite, 
Access Write, (DVD-R DL) Layer Jump
Supported DVD Size:
12cm or 8cm Diameter
Supported CD Format
CD-DA, CD-Extra, CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-ROM Mode-2, CD-ROM/XA, CD-Extra, Photo-CD, Video-CD, Multi-session, CD-I(FMV)
Supported CD Writing Method
Disc-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Fixed Packet, Variable Packet
Supported CD Size:
12cm or 8cm Diameter




System Requirements
Intel Pentium 166MHz or equivalent or higher 
Memory (RAM)
128 MB, 512 MB Windows Vista Basic
Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista or later
Hard disk Drive
650MB free space for CD to CD image 5GB to 9GB free space for DVD anthoring,.




Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (W/H/D)
5.39 x 0.86 x 5.39 inch / 137 x 22x 137mm
0.77 lbs / 0.35kg
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